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Pop culture inspired Halloween costume

Racking your brains for fresh, innovative and that perfect Halloween costume idea? We've combined all our pop culture ideas from recent years along with classic, timeless suggestions to bring you the complete guide to pop culture Halloween costumes. Let us know what you'll be dressing up as in comments below.

Cher Horowits from Clueless / Iggy Azalea in Fancy

What to wear: Cute sweaters with short skirt, knee high socks and Mary jane shoes. Tartan blazer and skirt set in yellow. Alaïa, Alaïa and tons of Alaïa.
How to act: Get your best blonde impression on and strut yourself through the night in your matching pleats and plaids. Also throw in a few “Ugh! As if”‘s in your conversation for a true Cher recreation.

Emmet from The Lego Movie


What to wear: An orange construction worker's uniform with a blue shirt and a big yellow head.

How to act: Like everything is awesome, of course!

Olivia Pope from Scandal


What to wear: A well cut preferably designer suit or a trench coat.

How to act: Behave like a gladiator and drink lots of red wine, or at least hold a glass of it. Quiver your lip often and tell everyone that everything is handled.

Maleficent from Maleficent


What to wear: A black top with a cape that has got a big collar. Time to DIY and make some paper- maché horns. Contour those cheeks and give yourself some hyper chiseled cheekbones.

How to act: Evil.

Groot From Guardians of the Galaxy

What to wear: A head to toe covering tree costume. Go crazy with the paper- maché.

How to act: “I am Groot” is the only thing you are allowed to say.

Angelina Jolie in her wedding gown


What to wear: A white wedding dress with child like scribbling and drawings on it.

How to act: Smug and happy, you are after all married to Brad Pitt.

Joffrey from Game of Thrones


What to wear: This year it is all about Joffrey at his wedding, wear a royal wedding dress complete with a crown. And do not forget the goblet.

How to act: Hold your throat and sound like you are choking.

Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

What to wear: A 20’s flapper dress with tons of jewelry, embellished headband and throw on some fur.

How to act: Be delicate and very sweet.  

Sandy from Grease

What to wear: Black off the shoulder top, leather leggings and jacket with some red heels.

How to act: Sing and dance confidently. 

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

What to wear: A white collared shirt under a black long-sleeved dress with black tights and shoes. Use makeup and make yourself as pale as possible and plait your hair.

How to act: Do not smile and reply to everything with deadpan wit and sarcasm. 

Shia LaBeouf at the premiere of Nymphomaniac at the Berlin Film Festival.


What to wear: A tuxedo and a brown paper bag with the words scribbled “I am not famous anymore” with a black marker.

How to act: Aloof.

Luis Suárez at the World Cup

What to wear: Luis Suárez’s Uruguay jersey and a pair of fake fangs.

How to act: Bite each and every one possible. Don’t be disappointed if people start avoiding you.

Hannah Horvath from Girls

What to wear: A short brown wig, crop top and mismatched shorts.
How to act: Dance to every dubstep song that’s played, eat cupcakes and talk a lot about yourself.

Duchess Kate Middleton

What to wear: A glossy, curly dark brown wig, a modest high street dress and nude shoes. Don’t forget a giant sapphire ring on your finger.
How to act: Sweet, classy and graceful.

Macklemore from Thrift Shop video

What to wear: A fake fur coat (if you wear a real one we promise not to tell Peta), black jeans and t-shirt. Slick your hair back with some gel.

How to act: Like you’ve had the best shopping experience at the thrift shop with just 20 dollars in your pocket.

-Devashree Goenka