New feature ‘Style Ideas’

The American multinational Technology company, Google, has been expanding its search engine from listing websites matching your search criteria to offering a new feature named ‘Style Ideas’, that gives fashion tips regarding an outfit that you have searched.

This new feature is available on android search app and on mobile web and the way this works is when the users search for a particular product and tap on an image, the search engine displays a grid of images that demonstrate how the product looks when it is worn. It also shows a perfect pairing for the product you just searched, for example it shows matching bag for your favourite pair of shoes or an outfit.

According to, “The images featured in “style ideas” are algorithmically selected without any human interference. This feature utilizes Google’s advanced machine learning capabilities to identify the images in feature”, further adding to this Google stated that “The products appearing in both the style ideas and similar items grids are algorithmically ranked and are displayed as per their suitability”.

The company has also announced that apart from launching this new feature soon, users can also buy items using the image search. However there is no exact date on when the ‘Style Ideas’ will be made available to the users.

-- Akhila Kakarala