New couple in town – Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj

by pavan

Amid the lockdown, Tollywood’s heart-throb Rana Daggubati took everyone by surprise when he introduced the love of his life to the entire world. Finally after several speculations about his love life, our very own Bhallaladeva  admitted that he is head over heels in love with his girlfriend  Miheeka Bajaj. The actor took to his Instagram account and shared an adorable picture of the couple and wrote, ‘She said yes!’, with a red heart emoji. Elated with the news; family, friends, and celebrities from Tollywood and Bollywood congratulated the lovely couple.

Within no time, Rana and Miheeka’s photo on social media received thousands of likes and comments. As soon as the star introduced his girlfriend to the world, people have been curious to know every little detail about this charming beauty. Well there are several questions that have been circulating on social media, Some of which are- Who is Miheeka Bajaj? How did the two meet? and How long had they been together?

Since everyone has been curious to know after all who is this mystery lady who has stolen  Rana Daggubati’s heart and the reason behind the heartbreak of several of his female fans. We decided to reveal a few interesting details about this beautiful woman, who is currently the talk of the town.   Miheeka Bajaj  hails from a business background. She is the only daughter of  prominent jewellery designer and owners of Krsala jewellery, Bunty and Suresh Bajaj. Miheeka also has a brother named Samarth, who looks after Krsala’s production and management. Her sister-in-law, Sasha is the sister of a renowned fashion designer, Kunal Rawal.

Bunty and Suresh Kumar Bajaj

Bunty and Suresh Bajaj-

Bunty and Suresh Bajaj are the founders of one to the top jewellery stores in Hyderabad, Krsala. Bunty is a firehouse of talent and her store, krsala is a jewellery connoisseur’s favourite hotspot. In 2018, Bunty Bajaj gave an interview for our magazine, in which she spoke about her passion for jewellery. When we asked her, What about jewellery designing that she enjoyed the most? She said, “The most exciting part of jewellery design is that you’re creating a piece of art that becomes a part of a family’s legacy. It’s passed down from generation to generation, carrying with it the family’s heritage and telling a story about the family’s history to the person in whose possession it is”. Bunty also told us that she is super proud and extremely happy that both her children are in the same line of profession. She believes that as the professional interests of her and her children are aligned, it makes their family bond stronger.

P.V. Sindhu, Bunty and Samarth Bajaj, P. Gopichand and Suresh Kumar Bajaj


Miheeka Bajaj-

Miheeka is a self-made business women just like her mother. She is a proud owner of a decor and event management company named Dew Drop Design Studio. Miheeka completed her diploma in interior design from the prestigious Rachna Sansad in Mumbai.  She went to Chelsea University of Art and Design in London, to pursue her masters.

Recently, we at You & I got in touch with Miheeka Bajaj and spoke to her about her company and much more. Lets see what this stunning lady had to say.

After working with her mother, Bunty Bajaj for many years. Miheeka realized its time to start her own company, which is the Dew Drop Design Studio. Talking about her new venture into decor and event space, she said, “It’s a fairly new venture that started only in the second half of last year. I’ve been fortunate to have found some great work in such a short time, and to have worked with prestigious organisations such as YPO. I have a few more very interesting collaborations in the pipeline that I’m really excited about”. When asked about what inspired her to pursue a career in interior designing, she said her love for Indian architecture was what made her choose this career path. She further spoke about her interest, “Décor is something I grew up seeing; it’s more or less etched in my subconscious. For a creative person there can’t be a better field of work to be involved in, because you get to move on to new projects in a very short span of time, thus getting to do something new and exciting very often”.

She  has done the decor for House of stars, which is the first Bollywood based indoor attraction in Mumbai owned by her brother samarth. For this venue, she has designed and executed all the iconic sets from films.

Besides designs and planning events, Miheeka has a blog called Pixie Dust and she also writes occasionally.  She has an immense love towards food, Cooking is her favorite hobby. Miheeka also told us that she loves everything about gifts, from the presentation to finding the most apt gift to sit the person’s preference. She also stated that she wants to start a company dedicated to luxury gifting.

Miheeka frequently travels between Mumbai and Hyderabad. During this interview, she told us that “Even though both cities are extremely different from each other, they each feel equally like home to me. Hyderabad keeps me sane and in touch with my roots. It’s such a warm and loving city with wonderful people that I’ve grown up with. Most people in Hyderabad are like extended family more than friends.Mumbai, on the other hand, inspires me immensely, and constantly has me on the go. Being a more cosmopolitan city, definitely tingles your creative senses, because you’re frequently meeting new people with such varying ideas and personalities that you’re constantly learning and growing. The city’s energy also charges you up to work harder and achieve all the goals you’ve set out for yourself”.  Miheeka has several friends in Bollywood, one of which is Sonam Kapoor.

Coming to her personality, one cannot deny the fact that she is indeed quite a stunner. With charming features, tall and slender frame she is not less than a model or an actress. She is often spotted wearing elegant attires paired with chunky jewellery. She’s a classic hottie in every way!

Shortly after Rana Daggubati announced the news of his engagement with Miheeka, his father and renowned producer Suresh Daggubati couldn’t have been more happier than this. He said that the entire family is extremely happy with the news and the grand wedding may take place anytime in December or even sooner than that. We are eagerly waiting to see  this beautiful couple tie the knot. We wish them all the happiness and success.           – Akhila kakarala




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