To New Beginnings - Dr Shashikala

A microbiologist and currently the principal of Osmania Medical College, Dr Shashikala loves to be fit and works out every day! She enjoys cooking and firmly believes that a woman must love and nurture her family. Her husband is the director of the cancer institute of Apollo Hospitals. He is known for his academic brilliance and philanthropy – one of which is the Cure Foundation. The doctor couple has two sons – the elder one owns a software company and the younger is a radiation oncologist who is now part of his father’s team.

Dr Shashikala says, “Ugadi is very special to all of us as it denotes the beginning of a brand new year which brings with it new hopes and aspirations. The day begins with decorating our home with flowers and preparing for the puja.” Bakshyalu, wadalu and, of course, the Ugadi pachadi are at the top of the menu list on this day.

Recalling her favourite childhood memories of Ugadi, she says, “It was like a break from preparing for the upcoming final exams. It used to be an excuse to relax. We looked forward to the festive delicacies, especially the Ugadi pachadi! Back then we used to live in a colony and all the kids would go to a friend’s garden, climb a mango tree and pluck mangoes. We used to have a lot of fun!” This year, Dr Shashikala plans on spending quality time with her family. “We are a close-knit family and enjoy spending time with each other.” she says.