To New Beginnings - Dr Padmavathi Surapaneni

Dr Padmavathi Surapaneni is a leading dermatologist and cosmetic physician who has practiced at the Pragna Skin and Laser Clinic for the last 15 years. She is also a member of the American and European Academy of Dermatology. Her husband, Dr Suresh Kumar Surapaneni, is the first neonatologist in Hyderabad and owns Pragna Hospital. Their elder daughter, Pragna, has completed her medical degree. The younger daughter, Vigna, is in the 12th grade. For the Surapaneni family, Ugadi means bidding the past year adieu with a lot of gratitude and gratefulness and welcoming the new year with happiness. The entire family is dressed in traditional attire and begins the day with a puja. The signature Ugadi pachadi is a must on this day. The mango pulihora is another favourite.

“We visit the temple and attend the Panchanga Sravanam.” says Dr Padmavathi. Recollecting childhood memories of this festival, she says, “We used to wear new pattu lehengas, and the elders in the family would conduct the pooja rituals and the Panchanga Sravanam at the Ramalayam, which was built by our ancestors in our village. This festive season also marks the beginning of the harvest season. We would accompany my father in an open jeep to the farms for the Yeruvaka ceremony, where they would worship all the agricultural tools and begin with the first plough in the field on this very auspicious day. Today, celebrations are more or less the same at home, but I definitely miss the fields!”

This year, she looks forward to spending Ugadi with her husband, daughters, and the extended family in their new house. She is eager to decorate the house with mamidithoranalu, rangoli and, of course, a lot of the scrumptious festive delicacies!