A New Age of Driving

Honda has unveiled an adorable e Prototype in Geneva, although it first appeared two years ago at the Frankfurt motor show. The automaker has committed to utilising electrified technology in every new car it launches in Europe. The bold change is creating a buzz like never before. And why not? The Japanese company believes that the best way to do this is to develop a fully electric car that reflects progressive values. Read on to know more about the year’s hottest electric car…

The Look
The Honda e Prototype is inspired by the original Honda Civic. It has a modern-retro look, with minimal detailing and a sporty stance. Its symmetrical headlights with LED technology sit within a piano-black surround, an effect that is repeated at the rear of the car. With painstaking attention to detail, everything that can be hidden away has been. Driver assistance systems are almost invisible to the eye. Charging points are out of sight. The roof appears to float delicately over the clean glass area. The effect is a new aesthetic; a desirable, perfectly proportioned, compact electric car that slips silently through the air and cuts a dash in the city and beyond.

The Inside Story
Inspired by Japanese principles of architecture, the open-plan layout of the Honda e Prototype reflects ‘Ma’. The word describes the dynamic created by open space. Honda’s designers and engineers worked in harmony, creating a flat floor and rear-wheel drive layout that allows for such an open interior. Clean, concise graphics for the driver’s information display and infotainment system ensure that the latest technology complements the natural feel. Stowage spaces and charging ports ensure everything has its place.

Advanced technology, a refined simplicity
The full-width, digital dashboard in the Honda e Prototype shows how technology can better connect people. Seamless smartphone connectivity, voice-operated systems and all manner of information about the driver’s journey and driving style are available. The humble wing mirror is replaced by the latest, most sophisticated video cameras, which display the surrounding environment in greater detail than any mirror and virtually eliminate the danger of blind spots. They also eliminate drag. Buttons offering shortcuts to popular features are placed on the stylish, two-spoke steering wheel. And did you notice how something’s missing? There’s no gearlever. Instead, buttons for Drive, Reverse and Park are conveniently placed by the driver’s knee.

Leading the charge
If cars gave us freedom, the latest generation of electric cars like the Honda e Prototype presents a new freedom: to recharge the car’s battery whenever and wherever you like. Using AC, or alternating current, an electric car can be charged at home, using a conventional plug or dedicated charging unit. Alternatively, park the car at the shops, plug it in and leave it to fill the battery while you browse boutiques. On longer journeys, a nationwide network of charging points gives drivers of an electric car the flexibility to stop and take on a fast charge, meaning the battery could be boosted to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

With a range of over 200km, the Honda e Prototype is more than capable of handling everyday driving. And every journey should be a joy: the electric vehicle features a low centre of gravity and power goes to the rear wheels, to give an outstanding response on the road. And with tax savings and reduced ‘fuel’ costs compared to petrol or diesel-powered cars, Honda’s new generation of electric car cares about more than having a good time.

                       – Source: Honda