Netflix Originals Worth Watching while in Lockdown - Sabrina Joshi

The Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness

If you are looking for a wild, unbelievable and entertaining story to distract you from the current reality, Netflix’s Tiger King will surely do the trick. This massively popular seven-part docuseries follows the strange world of big-cat collectors. The true appeal of this series is not the exotic animals, but instead, the very eccentric, yet authentic people featured and their outlandish stories.

Tiger King focuses on the gun-toting Joe Exotic, who housed over 200 tigers at his zoo in Oklahoma. He is a man known for his bizarre personality, who was sent to prison for hiring a hitman to take out his rival, Carole Baskin. Carole, an animal rights activist and owner of Big Cat Rescue in Florida, was determined to shut down Joe’s business for animal cruelty. The two just could not see eye to eye. What followed was an all-out war, which landed Joe in prison for 22 years. 

Over 34 million people viewed Tiger King in the first 10 days of its release in March. The series is full of  jaw - dropping events with polygamous marriages, deadly tiger attacks, illegal cat breeding and dastardly murder plots. No matter how peculiar or wacky this story seems, it is very real.


Loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s 2012 best-selling autobiography, Unorthodox tells the inspirational story of a young woman’s self-discovery and her desire for personal freedom. Israeli actress, Shira Haas, stars as 19-year old Ester ‘Esty’ Shapiro, who finds herself trapped in her Hasidic, Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Fed up with her arranged marriage and the strict standards set by her ultra-orthodox culture, Esty flees to Berlin in hopes of starting a new life.

As Etsy dives into a new modern world, she befriends a group of young students at a music conservatory. She begins to learn western fashion, pursues a career in music, and even ventures into Berlin’s nightlife.

Meanwhile, her husband, Yanky Shapiro (Amit Rahav) and his cousin, Moishe (Jeff Wilbusch) are on the hunt for Esty, and are determined to take her back home.

Unorthodox offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the Hasidic Jewish community, culture and its traditions. Haas delivers a captivating performance in this four-episode miniseries, partly narrated in English, Yiddish and German. Directed by Maria Schrader, Unorthodox is a truly poignant look at a young woman living in an extremely religious community who longs for the world beyond its confines.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is the new hit reality dating show on Netflix about couples making lifelong commitments without seeing each other. At its core, the series seeks to answer the burning question: Can you truly fall in love with someone you have never seen face-to-face? In other words, is love really blind?

This 10-part series starts with 30 men and women speed dating each other during a 10-day experiment. However, there is a catch, while they are dating, they can speak to one another, but cannot see each other. It is only when a couple gets engaged, they are allowed to meet in person for the first time, and are then expected to get married in four weeks. 

The outcomes  range from incredibly successful to highly disastrous. While some couples go through their journey with ease, others struggle with the reality of getting married to a stranger and hit serious road blocks. Love is Blind has been an immense success since its launch this year, so much so that it has been renewed for two more seasons. This steamy reality show could provide a light-hearted escape from our current-day reality.