Neighbours in Arms: The American Presence in a Nuclear Subcontinent

As chairman of the US Senate’s Arms Control Subcommittee, Larry Pressler advocated the now-famous Pressler Amendment, which was enforced in 1990 when President George H.W. Bush could not certify that Pakistan was not developing a nuclear weapon. As a result, most business relations, direct US aid and military sales to Pakistan were cut off. This stunned the world and changed the tenor of US-India and US-Pakistan relationships forever. It also made Larry Pressler, in his own words, “a temporary hero throughout India and a devil in Pakistan”.
 In addition to telling the story of the making of the Pressler Amendment, the worldwide impact of its enforcement against Pakistan, how it was weakened and repealed, this book will talk about the evolution of the US-India relationship over the last thirty years, under the shadow of the massive military-industrial complex that controls purse-strings in Washington, the extent of control exercised by lobbyists in Washington and India today, and recommendations for a new US-India alliance that could serve as a model for US allies in the 21st century.


Author’s statement:
“I'm looking forward to sharing my personal opinion and historical perspective on the US-India nuclear deal, the relationship between the two countries, the history of the Pressler Amendment, and my past attempts to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of Pakistan. As I said then and I say now, the threat of an ‘Islamic bomb’ was and is a real threat to the security of the Asian subcontinent and the world. I am honoured to be working with Penguin Random House India on the publication of this book, one of the best-known publishers in the world." – Sen. Larry Pressler, Washington D.C.


About the author:
Senator Larry Pressler is a lawyer, speaker, and writer. He has taught at more than twenty universities, including Harvard University and UCLA. He served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years (three terms), and was the first Vietnam veteran to serve in the Senate. From 2000 to 2006, Sen. Pressler was a member of the Board of Directors of Infosys Technologies, Ltd., in Bangalore. He has remained active in India—in 2016, he was a speaker at the Infosys strategic planning meeting in Mysore, and at a Brookings India meeting in New Delhi.