Neetu Arora’s trip to Italy and Switzerland

Neetu Arora’s trip to Italy and Switzerland was a joyous ride – filled with adventure, culture and heritage. During her visit with her husband, she witnessed the splendour and fashion of Milan, along with the snow-covered mountains of Interlaken. Here she shares with You & I some of the more memorable moments.

A few weeks ago, my wanderlust took over completely, and I found myself exploring Milan and Interlaken. This trip to the fashion capital of the world, Milan, and the mesmerising town of Interlaken, was just jim-dandy. The main purpose of our visit to Milan was to attend the Salone del Mobile furniture fair – what a great way to combine work with pleasure.

Milan has something for everyone; its undeniable charisma compels tourists to bask in its splendour. It beguiles visitors with mouth-watering food, awe-inspiring architecture, contemporary fashion streets, exceptional art galleries, and much more. We delighted in the luxurious Armani Hotel, which is situated near Duomo Square. The Duomo Cathedral, which was also close to where we were staying, was nothing short of glorious.

This oasis of tranquillity reflects a rich legacy and artistic creativity. This elegant city is bursting with cultural heritage. The artefacts of the country’s magnificent past can be encountered almost everywhere. It possesses a profusion of relics, including monuments, cathedrals, and museums that accentuate the Milan’s wonderful beauty.

Neetu Arora Milan Cathedral

Every day after the fair, we explored the exotic surroundings and spent our leisure time feasting on authentic Italian cuisine at the several rooftop restaurants and lounges that provide a beautiful and enchanting view of the cathedral. Strolling through the narrow lanes of Via Monte Napoleone (an upscale shopping street) and Serravalle (a major designer outlet offering premier designs of high-end brands) was pure bliss. We had a great time and have taken back ineffaceable memories from this mesmerising city.

After this astounding time in Milan, we took the Eurail to Interlaken, an absolute paradise in the Swiss Alps. This prepossessing town in the Bernese Oberland is known for fun and frolic. It is picturesque, relaxing and full of adventure, especially in summer. Some of the alpine sports offered in Interlaken include superlative skiing, hiking, paragliding, snowboarding, ski touring and canyoning. Personally, we enjoyed paragliding, wherein we could experience the amazing views of mountains and lakes. We had a pleasant stay in the Victoria-Jungfrau’s luxurious Bollywood suite, which was created in honour of film director Yash Chopra. It provides all the grandiose amenities that are worth splurging on.

Interlaken switzerland Neetu Arora

After all the adventure sports, we were thrilled to have some delicious Indian food at the Spice India Restaurant. We also visited the ethereal waterfall in Lauterbrunnen. It is almost impossible to describe the wonderful experience we had here as also the unforgettable experience at the Jungfrau, a beautiful place that is always covered with snow. It’s a must visit for anyone who comes this way. The journey is as beautiful as the final destination; snow-covered mountains and beautiful ski slopes are a sight to behold.

On the last day of our trip, we walked down the narrow lanes of the old town and enjoyed the serenity of the lovely surroundings. Crystal clear water, multi-coloured flowers on the pavements, and ducks accompanying us (!), we felt quite close to nature. All-in-all, it was a spectacular and memorable experience that we will always cherish. 

..... Neetu