Nature Tromphante High Jewelry by Boucheron

We have all heard the saying, “nothing lasts forever,” but Boucheron, a popular French jeweller, believes otherwise. The Nature Triomphante High Jewelry line breathtakingly gives eternal life to nature by beautifully transforming delicate red flower petals into precious jewels with the help of master Boucheron artisans. The line features a collaboration with an artist-petalist, using a secret technique to produce these stunning Fleurs Éternelles.

Each petal is stabilised without pigments or chemicals which preserve the original beauty of the flower. The maisons have never held back when it comes to executing their creativity, thereby crafting unique pieces. A truly one-of-a-kind piece in this collection has to be the Fleur Éternelles, a gorgeous ring featuring natural petals which have been meticulously paired with jonquil diamonds. This ring is also available in nine variations, all set with a 3.35-carat spessartite garnet. The natural petals are preserved by stabilising them and mounting them on a scanned titanium base, making sure the beauty stays fresh forever. The other pieces that deserve a mention are the Fleur de Nuit tanzanite necklace with its diamond-encrusted petals, the Nuage de Fleurs necklace, which is set with an exceptional 42.96-carat pink cushion tourmaline, and the Lierre Givré necklace which is a reproduction of an ivy branch. With so many amazing choices, we are sure it will be hard to pick just one piece!