Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Today, some of the many illnesses that we endure are mainly due to our lifestyles. One of those lifestyle diseases that pose as a challenge is diabetes. Diabetes requires medication throughout life, but with the management of food, exercises, and natural home remedies, diabetic patients can also lead an almost normal life. While one may resort to medicines, nothing can really help as much as natural remedies do. Here is the list of things you can do to keep your sugar levels down.

1.    Get more sleep
2.    Reduce the portion of your food
3.    Avoid Alcohol
4.    Exercise regularly
5.    Consume the following foods regularly:
•    Foods rich in chromium
•    High-fiber foods
•    Tulsi leaves
•    Cinnamon or Cinnamon Extract
•    Green tea
•    Jamun (Indian blackberry)
•    Bittergourd or Karela
•    Neem
•    Flax Seeds
•    Aloe Vera

While diabetes does not cripple you or prevent you from enjoying your life, you will have to be cautious when it comes to having food and alcohol.      ---Sumana Reddy