NASA seeks industry help for human lunar landers

With a focus on flying humans to the moon, NASA is inviting US-based companies to support the design and development of lunar landers that are reusable systems which enable astronauts to land on the earth’s natural satellite. With the goal of sending a crew to the moon in 2028, the US space agency is planning to test new human-class landers on the moon by 2024.

Through partnerships for multi-phased lunar explorations, NASA is asking American companies to study the best approach to landing astronauts on the moon, and start the development as quickly as possible with current technologies and those anticipated for the future. “Building on our model in low-Earth orbit, we’ll expand our partnerships within the US industry and other nations to explore the moon and advance our missions to farther destinations such as Mars, with America leading the way,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine mentioned in an op-ed for a news site.

“When we send astronauts to the moon in the next decade, it will be in a sustainable fashion,” he added.   - IANS