Naomie Harris wants a rural home!

Currently residing in London, actress Naomie Harris wants to buy a more rural abode, where she can be as self-sufficient as possible. In a recent interview, the actress spoke about her plans on living an off-grid life. She said, “I want to be off-grid as much as I possibly can be, with solar panels, rainwater collection, and growing my own fruits and vegetables, that kind of thing.” She admitted that she is constantly trying to find somewhere she feels at home and has grown to realise that she is her happiest in the countryside. She added, “I’ve travelled all over the world and I’m always constantly trying to find a place that feels like home. I was like: ‘There must be somewhere warm that I can move to.’ But no, the English countryside does it for me, that’s it. I’m quite militant about getting to bed before 10 pm, and I’ll leave a party if necessary. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I only really drink water. I was never that person who was on covers of Hello! telling stories about my personal life. I’ve never been a celebrity as such.”      - IANS