Nagarjuna surprises Ali Reza

The Telugu Bigg Boss season 3’s contestants have won many hearts this time and one among them is topping the list – Ali Reza. Everything about him has made his viewers love him unconditionally –his spontaneity in tasks, his genuine conversations, being truthful, and of course his killer looks! He has earned a huge number of admirers with this reality show. This is why he was given a wild card entry opportunity, even after being eliminated!

Ali Reza recently took to Instagram to praise the host of the show – Akkineni Nagarjuna for keeping his promise that he has made to him during the show. It happened so that Ali’s favourite pair of boots got spoilt during a task in the Bigg Boss house and he asked for a new pair, to which Nagarjuna gave his word. Living up to his promise, Nagarjuna gifted him a stunning pair of boots. Ali posted a picture of him holding those very boots, with Nagarjuna standing beside him. He captioned this photo as – “Truly a man of his word! Nag sir gifted me a pair of his favourite brand of shoes. I'd asked him for these shoes while I was in the Bigg Boss house and here it is, as promised. Love you Nag sir you’re the best.”          - IANS