Myths Surrounding Weight Loss

People the world over are in a constant struggle to get into shape and stay fit and the internet is pondering over information about weight loss, but do you know that 90% of the tactics mentioned are actually myths? One might wonder if there are so many options available for weight loss, like weight loss belts,pills, diet plans etc, why don’t they work?

Here, we are going to burst some myths on weight loss with celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah’s inputs.

Calorie Counting


In today’s digital era, everyone is always concerned about calories; we have started seeing food with the lens of calories and not nutrition. In gyms also you often hear phrases like calorie burning, calorie in, calorie out, etc. Calorie counting is like looking at a spreadsheet on a plate, all you see are numbers.We have this statement stuck in our head—the more calories you eat, the more weight you gain. This is a big myth!

What we eat is what we absorb!Right?But if you eat highly processed food then the result may vary because here the health of our gut will decide how much calories will be absorbed by our body. So gut health is one of the most important factors while talking about calories. While focusing more on calories we sometimes, without realizing, restrict healthy food from our diet.Wondering how focusing on less calories can do that?We’ll simplify ithere with an example, you have two choices—diet coke(soda) andan apple wherein diet coke will have 0-1 calories but a medium size apple will have 52 calories. So according to calorie counting you will choose diet coke/soda and give up on the apple, but while doing so you are giving up on nutrition that the apple can provide you.

So to sum it up, never go on calorie counting, opt for healthy or clean eating and eat nutrition rich food.

Salad or Soups

This is a another big myth in weight loss. You may see that many people eat salads or soups for weight loss thinking it is more healthy and less heavy, but in actual fact you are harming your health here.Wonder how? Here goes:

All salads are not diet friendly. Also do you know that salad dries your digestive system?

Raw food is easy for the body to extract nutrients out of but people suffering from GI issues may not be able to digest them so well, hence they suffer from gas bloating and water retention.

If you go to a restaurant and order soup,it is equal to a “salt bomb”.  Your diet or meal should be balanced and filled with nutrition; you can have vegetable patties, stir fry vegetables, etc.There are a lot of healthy eating options other than soups and salads. Do not blindly follow trends. Do your own research, ask questions to the waiter if needed and then order your meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

While this is not totally wrong, it is also not entirely correct.  Breakfast is important but one must not eat a big size meal in the morning. We recommend you to follow the circadian rhythm diet which means eat according to the sun’s cycle. Think about your body as a kind of a theatre play. As soon as the curtain goes up the show cannot start, prior preparations need to be made. Our digestive system works in a similar way. Your breakfast should be like a warm-up, your lunch should be heavy and dinner needs to be completed before 7:30 pm. Remember, your eating time should be synchronized with the sun. One can also call this as a form of intermittent fasting.

Drinking water for weight loss

Drinking a lot of water is often advised to those who want to lose weight, but this too is a myth. Drinking water is good for hydrating the body but if you are consuming too much of water then it will create pressure on the kidney and make the kidney work two times more. Drink only the amount of water that your body requires.

To conclude, always remember, “Achieving good health is an ongoing journey; it should not be your destination. Good digestion with the right fuel is the only vehicle which will take you there.”