The must eat dishes of Hyderabad

Hyderabadi biryani:

The most popular dish of Hyderabad is the Hyderabadi biryani prepared in a unique style a blend of Telugu and Mughlai cuisine in the kitchen of Nizams best served with mirchi ka salan and raitha.

As the name depicts pathar-ka-ghost, the marinated meat cubes are cooked over a hot stone. This meat dish is one of the famous delicacies of Hyderabad.


The holy month of Ramadan offers you with best dish of Hyderabad called the haleem. This is called the best dish because it is filled with flavors, taste and has great nutritional values. Traditionally minced meat is cooked with butter and ground wheat

Sweet desserts:
Hyderabad is just not famous for its spicy dishes but it is very much popular for the sweet desserts which are rich in flavors.  


The delicious double-ka-meetha is made with bread, sugar, dry fruits ,pure ghee and milk. Double-ka-meetha is a perfect blend of all the ingredients together.


Yet another famous dish of Hyderabad is khubani-ka-meeta made with apricot boiled with sugar and made it to boil until it thickens up forming a sugar soup consistency, once it is ready it is garnished with almonds or apricot kernels and served with malai or ice cream.