Musskan Sethi shows us her fitness regime during the lockdown

Musskan Sethi’s body and her workout looks are to die for. Amidst the coronavirus scare, the actress shows us how she’s keeping herself fit with these simple yet effective exercises. Here’s what her regular routine includes: 

(each exercise for 15 counts)

  1. Reverse lunges
  2. Criss cross lunges 
  3. Squat hold
  4. Bicycle crunches
  5. Plank hold 
  6. Mountain climbers 
  7. Jumping jacks 
  8. High knees 
  9. Standing side leg raise 
  10. Donkey kicks 
  11. Hindu pushups 
  12. Side planks 
  13. Plank jacks
  14. Spot jog
  15. Standing crunches 
  16. Criss cross jumps 
  17. Bent knee push ups 
  18. Ab crunches 
  19. Russian twists 
  20. Squat jumps 

Cool down 

End session with: 

Hamstring stretch, Glutes stretch, shoulder and chest stretch