Musical Harmony - Jubin Nautiyal

Asmall town boy from Dehradun, Jubin moved to Mumbai and made a professional mark in the music industry in 2012, with his debut song ‘Ek Mulakaat’. Now, Jubin is a successful playback singer who is known for his hit remixed songs. We caught up with the singer to find out more about his successful journey so far. Here’s what he had to say.

How has the past year been for you on the professional side?
It is a great pleasure for me to be recognised within the industry as the man behind all the top remixed hits. I am remaking songs, and while not all might work, at least five to six have worked very well. I am getting a lot of work now; everyone wants to know my expression on some of the songs to remake. Some great ones have been ‘Kisse se pyar ho jai’ from Kaabil and the ‘Humma song’ from Ok Jaanu, to name a few. Another great remix is on the way, which is going to blow everyone’s mind. I am sure of it (smiles).

How did the whole idea of remixing songs begin for you?
There’s a newfound love for remixes in today’s industry. I started my journey with playback singing, and all the songs have defined my journey. I focus on the project in hand. I don’t take on too many songs at a time. I only do songs that I really like, and I am very choosy with my work. If I think it appeals to me, I do it. The goal is for me and everyone else to enjoy the music.

How did your love for singing begin?
I was always a serious music lover; it was never just a hobby. From the time I started my journey into the field, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. It’s like meditation for me…it helps me stay calm. Not too many people are lucky enough to do what they love and love what they do, so I consider myself lucky. I started learning music at a very young age. My parents have always been and still are very supportive. I learn a lot of different genres of music. It’s been a great journey so far, even if I hadn’t received the professional success to the scale that I have received today, I would still be playing my music in a small club somewhere. That is the love I have for music. I studied music in class 10 and 12, and therefore I went on to study music further in college. It’s been 17 years since I’ve been learning music.

What is the best part about what you do?
Seeing the smile on my parents’ face is definitely the best part of what I do. They have seen it all since I was a little kid, right from my first instrument to a room full of instruments, to my first award to all the awards I have received now. They’ve seen this journey come full circle. I come from a small town and don’t belong to a music background in terms of family, so coming to Mumbai and making my mark is a very big achievement. Seeing the smile on their faces is what drives me further.

You moved from Dehradhun to Mumbai to make it big in the music world. Tell us more.
I never came to Mumbai with a mindset to make it big. I was sure I wanted to do music and I knew the kind of music I wanted to pursue too. I came here with an open mind. I didn’t really know how big I would make it. I was just doing what I love, and luckily for me, it has really worked. Every song I make, I enjoy. If it’s a sad song I am sad when I sing it, if it’s a happy song, then I have to be happy, and if it’s a romantic song, I think of my childhood love and sing it.

How did you get the big break in Ok Jaanu and Kaabil?
I’ve been very lucky. My honesty towards music has been very critical for me and I have been very lucky because of that. My first song was with Akshay Kumar. This is huge for newcomers. I made sure that when I sang the song I made it mine and truly owned it. The rest is history.

What are your other passions and hobbies?
I believe I am a multi-talented person. I was the music captain in school and shooting captain, too. I was a national shooter, and also did a lot of mixed martial arts and Japanese martial arts. I have done a Masters in Business Administration and I also take care of some aspects of my family business. I play eight instruments, which help me unwind. I use my time well; I don’t spend too much time on the TV and laptop (smiles)...      --- as told to Suneela