Muhammad Ali’s Luxurious Abode

Ten years before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali bought an 81-acre property in Berrien Springs, Michigan, in 1975. This was the place where Ali spent his summers away from the city noise and crowd. It is also believed that the American boxer spent a part of his retirement years here until his Parkinson’s got more advanced. Located by the St. Joseph River that surrounds lush green fields, this property is now being sold by his wife. Ali succumbed to Parkinson’s in 2016. Boxing experts say that he was on the wrong end of over 2,00,000 punches during his career, which, thereby, gave way to the disease.

The property includes the main house, pool, carriage house, garages, barns, gym, and office epicentre. While the elaborate gym has everything, from exercise equipment, baths, a steam room, massage room, to a spa tub and laundry, the highlight is the boxing ring, assembled right at the centre. After exiting from the gym’s French doors, you will find a full-sized basketball court. Next to the gym is Ali’s private office, which also has a conference area, mail room, vault, kitchen, private bath, and a basement.

The house has two climate-controlled garages, with a capacity of accommodating over five cars each. The main house and the carriage house that is used for guests are built on either side of the pool terrace. This terrace includes a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, a great sound system, a bathhouse, and pergola. While the main house has four bedrooms along with living and family rooms, and a three-car, climate-controlled garage, its kitchen has a large pantry. The carriage guest house has a sunroom and deck overlooking the river.

With lushly-landscaped grounds and a waterfall rock garden, Muhammad Ali’s home is a world in itself. This luxurious property is for sale at $2,895,037.               –