MRI-Scanning Hat To Read Minds

With the rapid changes in technological advancement, scientists are developing a futuristic model of MRI-Scanning Hat, which would allow people to digitise their own thoughts as well as read other’s minds.

The traditional MRI uses radio waves and magnetic fields to take images of internal organs but the latest technological advancement will function based on the flow of oxygen in a person’s body illuminated with infrared light and benign. Founder of an American-based start-up openwater and former professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mary Lou Jepsen believes that the hat would bring telepathy into existence in the next eight years.  He further says that the goal of this innovative device is to be able to interpret other people’s thoughts and also your own thoughts. Apart from apprehending other people’s thoughts, the MRI-Scanning Hat will accelerate the process of communicating, creating and learning.

- Akhila Kakarala with inputs from
Pic courtesy: CNBC