Move Over, 2019! - New Year, New You

Learning need not end with just your schooldays or graduation. It’s essential keep learning throughout life to develop yourself and keep your brain active. Here are a few new things you can try your hand at and perhaps even re-invent yourself? Perhaps do something absolutely silly or develop a new side hustle. Have a look!

  1. 20 Ideas for 2020
  2. Learn to ride a horse.
  3. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  4. Check out a shooting range.
  5. Improve your photography skills.
  6. Learn how to use chopsticks.
  7. Learn archery.
  8. Try snowboarding/ice-skating/skiing/surfing.
  9. Learn your favourite fighting technique.
  10. Learn to cook your most favourite dish.
  11. Learn how to change a tire.
  12. Learn to pick a lock.
  13. Master at least five magic tricks.
  14. Learn how to blow glass.
  15. Study how to practice mindfulness.
  16. Learn how to make a sculpture.
  17. Learn about the stock market and then invest a little money.
  18. Learn some cool new skills.
  19. Learn to juggle.
  20. Learn to speed read.
  21. Learn self-defence.