Move Over, 2019! - For the Fun of It!

For the Fun of It!

Sometimes you just need to reach out and go for the special stuff. Whether it’s attending a once-in-a-lifetime event or scoring that impossible-to-get ticket, these activities are just too fun to pass up! Go get ‘em!

20 Ideas for 2020

  1. Attend Comic Con at your most favourite place in the world.
  2. Go to a murder mystery dinner.
  3. Attend the Summer Olympics.
  4. Get a celebrity or an athlete’s autograph (a long-lost tradition in this digital age!).
  5. Have dinner in the sky.
  6. See a Broadway musical.
  7. Watch a movie outdoors.
  8. Watch a WWE match live.
  9. Check out the world’s best fireworks displays.
  10. Watch an exhibition by the US Air Force Thunderbirds.
  11. Attend an opera.
  12. Watch a world-class symphony orchestra perform.
  13. Attend a live ballet performance of Swan Lake.
  14. Watch all of your favourite director’s films.
  15. Go to a rodeo.
  16. Sign up to be an extra in a movie.
  17. Attend a live TED Talk.
  18. Go to a burlesque show.
  19. Attend an improv night at a comedy club.
  20. Rappel down a cliff.