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If you’re not living your days by goals and plans, chances are that you may be spending most of your time caught in a flurry of day-to-day activities. Ever considered jotting down or working on your bucket list? This may seem a little conventional, but a bucket list can help get you thinking about what you actually want to do in life and motivate you to learn about how you can make those dreams possible. While the idea behind it is to create a list of things you hope to do before you kick the bucket, you can also use such a list for any date in the future – say, a list of things you want to do before the 2030s! Dive in for a few fresh ideas for your bucket list in Feature Story.

On the cover, we have Taylor Swift a self-made musical success. Read more about how our cover girl achieved all that and more about her obsessions, growing up years, and her innate talent in the Cover Story. In People in Focus, we have Smriti Morarka and Ushi Kak talking to us about their work and more. Working with Banarasi weavers for the past 21 years, Smriti is a Mumbai-based handloom revivalist and designer, while Ushi is an Air Force wife, who taught English literature at Miranda House at the University of Delhi.

In the Spotlight features Helen Philon, a co-founder of the Deccan Heritage Foundation. Wife of the then Greek diplomat to India, she was the curator of the Islamic department at the Benaki Museum in Athens for twelve years. She co-authored Islamic Architecture of Deccan India, a lavishly-produced book illustrated with splendid photographs, and among her previous publications are Early Islamic Ceramics at the Benaki Museum, Athens and the DHF guidebook, Gulbarga, Bidar, Bijapur.Since a hairstyle can either make or break your entire look, it’s always wise to choose a cut and colour that you won’t regret. Styling that mop on top of your head requires taking a few tough decisions – the right salon and, of course, the perfect hairstylist! So to get a better understanding of the fine nuances of hair care, we spoke to Kamruddin Ahmed Shaikh, a hairstylist from Mumbai, in Mind & Body.
We have Varun Shashi Rao talking to us about his recent trip to the Southern France, in Grand Getaways. Don’t miss it!

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