Mouth watering Italian recipes

Salads one of the healthiest food options that can be added to a meal on a daily basis. The healthy veggies salad is made with fresh vegetables filled with nutrients for a good health. Delicious Italian cannelloni filled with creamy ricotta and spinach with roasted garlic flavor is absolutely mouth watering. A chef from ITC Kakatiya has shared these two recipes.

Healthy veggie salad

Healthy veggie salad
Ingredients            Qty

lettuce                           100 gm
iceberg lettuce            100 gm
yellow bell pepper        50 gm
red bell pepper            50 gm
capsicum            50 gm
tomato                50 gm
young mint leaves        15
orange segments (seedless)    100 gm
cucumber            50 gm
olive                5
capers                10
feta/ricotta/tofu        10 gm
salt                to taste
pepper                5 gm
bread slice (for croutons)    1     

For Dressing:    
whey                30 ml
garlic                15 gm
Worcestershire sauce        10 ml
olives                5
capers                5
cocktail onion            2
young mint leaves        10


1)    Wash the lettuce three times in ice-cold water.
2)    Cut the peppers, cucumbers and deseeded tomatoes into diamonds, and the black olives into wedges.
3)    Nappe the orange segments in balsamic vinegar. Tear the young mint leaves and set aside in ice-cold water.
4)    Finely chop the garlic, olives, capers, cocktail onions and orange zest, mix in yoghurt and Worcestershire sauce, whisk well.
5)    Mix in all the vegetables along with young mint leaves and the dressing in the mixing bowl, toss and transfer to salad plate.
6)    Crumble the feta/ricotta/tofu and sprinkle over the salad. Garnish with olive capers, seedless orange segment and a sprig of mint. Serve with croutons on top.

Cottage Cheeses & Aubergine cannelloni stuffed with Spinach, roast garlic & Ricotta
Ingredient            Qty

cottage cheese block        150 gm
aubergine            100 gm
spinach                200 gm
ricotta                50 gm
processed cheese        50 gm
roast garlic            50 gm
salt                to taste
pepper                to taste
oil                30 ml    

For bell pepper & mushroom ragout    

tomato                6
coloured bell pepper        2
mushroom            6
onion                50 gm
garlic                20 gm
basil                10 gm
salt                to taste
pepper                to taste
spring onion green        1 long strand


•    Slice the cottage cheese keeping the thickness at 0.5 cm, drain the extra water and soften them by keeping them under a hot salamander oven.
•    Marinate the aubergine in oil, thyme and garlic, and grill it.
•    Blanch the spinach in simmering water, refresh, chop and sauté with garlic. Fold in the ricotta.
•    Roll the cottage cheese with aubergine and spinach mixture inside. Bake at 200°C till golden brown. Cut the cylinders diagonally, in different sizes, and stand the pieces on the plate with the help of a wilted spring onion leaf, as illustrated.
•    For the ragout, smoke the tomatoes, skin and puree them. This makes the base of the sauce. Sauté it with onion and garlic, and strain. Add bell peppers tossed in garlic, basil and quartered mushrooms. Garnish with fresh basil leaf.