The Mountain Between Us

An incoming storm forces the cancellation of a flight from Idaho to New York, bringing together two unlikely, stranded passengers. Looking to stay ahead of the inclement weather, Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) convinces Ben Bass (Idris Elba) to charter a flight home. Alex, a photojournalist, is getting married the following day and Ben, a British neurosurgeon, is scheduled to perform his life-saving operation the next morning. During their flight, the pilot suffers a massive stroke and their two-seater Piper crashes in the deep snows of the Uinta Mountains.

Surviving the harrowing plane crash, in the most extreme and challenging conditions, with little hope of rescue, demands courage and endurance from both Alex and Ben. When Alex awakens after days of unconsciousness, bruised and injured, she begins to realise her life now depends on Ben who’s a total stranger. With their pilot’s dog, they traverse through the most unforgiving, brutal terrain and freezing conditions. As they learn to compromise, adapt, and trust one another, they begin to fall in love.

Director Hany Abu-Assad takes full advantage of the majestic landscape, mirroring life-threatening conditions endured by Alex and Ben without using green screens or digital trickery.
It is the big screen and breathtaking scenery that allows the film’s authenticity to reveal the magnificent mountains they are stranded in.

Filming in high altitudes of the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia with sub-zero temperatures was demanding and dangerous for the cast and crew. “I had never done anything even close to this in terms of altitude. Running at such an altitude is absolute agony. It makes your chest burn. I’m a strong, fit person, but that was one thing that I wasn’t prepared for at all” said Winslet.

The Mountain Between Us tells the story of two people trying to survive in the most extreme conditions. This is a movie of love, courage, and resilience which propels them to journey across many miles of wilderness to survive.