Motorist’s safety! Samsung shows the way

Samsung has been synonymous with innovation, but more than that, in a country like India, it also meant affability when it dethorned Nokia from being the commoners’ phone. The brand has now invested in something even more gracious with its new outing from the Galaxy J series, J3.

The new Samsung Galaxy J3 sports a S bike mode, something like a ‘Do not disturb, he is riding’ app that can be activated by the tapping NFC tag that comes with the phone (which can be pasted on the helmet or fuel tank).   

Once activated at the beginning of a ride, any caller trying to reach the rider will be notified through an automated answering machine that the user is riding and cannot take calls so that the ride remains uninterrupted.

Samsung Galaxy J3 sports

The caller may also choose to press 1 to express urgency to talk with the biker for which the biker will have to bring his bike to a halt in order to take the call.

“Samsung is constantly in the pursuit of meaningful innovations that make people’s lives better. S bike mode is a result of that vision. While studying the consumers’ phone usage behaviour, we realised that incoming calls are a major distraction to bikers. We are very happy that we have come up with something that will benefit millions of two-wheeler users and promote responsible riding,” said Asim Warsi, Senior Vice President, Samsung India Electronics.

The smartphone is equipped with a 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor and 1.5 GB RAM. It is priced at Rs 8,990 and will be available in three colour options of gold, black and white on Snapdeal.