Monsoon Skin And Hair Care

by Saritha

Here are a few skin and hair care tips this monsoon

The hot summer has finally given way to the monsoons. The dark clouds aren’t all that’s looming in the horizon – a whole new skin and hair care regimen is as inevitable as the thunderstorms. We all love to celebrate the rains, either with a walk in the drizzle or a hot cup of tea as you stay cosy and wait out a storm indoors. But Gene Kelly did not have to deal with the harsh chemicals and pollutants in the studio when he went ‘Singing in the Rain’ like we do today! Have your bit of fun this monsoon, but make sure you give your skin and hair all the extra attention they need.

One of the common mistakes made during the rainy season is to pack away the sunscreen. Yes, the sun is hidden behind the dark clouds. But the harsh UV rays still manage to harm your skin. So, before you put on your makeup, apply a base coat of sunscreen. Since chances are that you will retouch your makeup during the day, ensure that you rub in the sunscreen until it gets fully absorbed into the skin. Don’t lower the SPF count!

Monsoon Skin and Hair Care

Monsoons also mean that you’re more likely to fall sick. To keep fungal infections at bay, use a good anti-bacterial, soap-free cleanser. If your skin is not very sensitive, try a face wash with alpha hydroxyl content. Not only will this make your skin feel fresh, but it also fights infections.

The humidity in the air tends to make your skin feel oily. Moisturising is still important, though. Get an oil-free moisturiser which doesn’t make your skin feel sticky, and still keeps it hydrated. To avoid those pimples that come with a change in the weather, make sure that you stick to a regular toning and cleansing routine. Instead of your regular toner, try an anti-bacterial one to prevent possible skin infections. A regular toning-cleansing-moisturising regimen will restore the skin’s pH balance, and keep it fresh all day long. Don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week.

Monsoon Skin and Hair Care

When it’s raining cats and dogs, stay away from heavy makeup. Choose makeup that sits lightly on the skin. Rubbing your face with an ice cube for a few minutes before applying your makeup can help reduce the sweating that goes with the increased humidity in the air, keeping the makeup in place longer.

You may prefer to stay indoors most of the day dodging the raindrops. Your umbrella might not be able to shield you at all times; an unexpected shower could ruin all your efforts and leave you all smudged. The solution, obviously, is waterproof makeup, especially eyeliner, kajal and mascara. If you are keen on using a primer or foundation for a base, stick to water-based choices. Ditch the matte look and go glossy. When the skies are grey, you might want some bright colours on your face! Whether you choose to wear boots or not, the feet do suffer a bit during the monsoon, so make sure that regular foot massage and exfoliation sessions are penciled in your schedule.


Monsoon Skin and Hair Care

The monsoons tend to make your hair go either frizzy or limp. It’s best to avoid elaborate hairstyles in the humid weather. Make them simple and easy styles. Use a good volume-enhancing shampoo that gives a nice bounce if your hair tends to go oily and limp. Hair spray will help if your hair reacts to humidity by suddenly becoming three times its size. Skip all the extra styling products. With the added humidity in the air, these tend to make hair greasy. Include a lot of vitamin E-rich foods for healthier hair.  Your usual makeup and hair care products might not be sufficient to counter the monsoons. So, choose your skin and hair care products carefully and make the most of the rains!     

– Pallavi

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