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Monsoon is not just a season but a feeling. It is a time for romance, dancing in the rain, and chai and pakoras. A tiny little drop of rain rejuvenates us and brings a smile on all our faces, but these tiny drops also bring with it a plethora of water borne diseases. Since monsoon has already knocked our doors, fitness coach and sports nutritionist Hasti Singh gives us his expert adviseon how to keep monsoon borne allergies and diseases at bay.

Stock up Probiotics and Vegetables

Since rains bring with it bacteria and viruses, it is advisable to consume boiled or cooked vegetables only and avoid any raw vegetables to save yourself from stomach aches, food poisoning, and other problems. Also, increase your intake of yoghurt and probiotics to keep the energy level high.

Bitter is the Best

Allergies and illnesses are common during monsoon so consuming bitter food like bitter gourd, neem seeds, dandelion greens and herbal teas helps a lot in removing toxins and increasing the immunity level. These foods have vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron which help in fighting allergies and keeping the energy level intact.

Rely on Homemade Fruit Juice

Sip a glass of apple or orange juice during monsoon, it will not only relish your tase buds but will also prevent you from falling ill. Apple juice helps by cleaning up the toxins present in the liver and increasingthe pH levels, and prevents stomach issues. Orange juice is good as at increases immunity, boosts metabolism and detoxifies the body.

Control your Eating

Monsoon season is the time for many mouth-watering delicacies but consuming too much at a time will leave you feeling acidic and bloated. So, it is advised to consume meals in smaller volume and avoid oily and junk food. 

Avoid Street Food

Outside food is exposed to humidity, dust, and dirt and therefore it is better to avoid junk food at-least during the monsoon. Junk food has low nutritional content and therefore it is better to keep it away to save your health.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Who does not like fizzy drinks?Although tasty and enjoyable, consuming fizzy drinks during the rainy season isnot recommended as it affects the digestive system. It can create an imbalance in the system and can spoil your monsoon.

Follow these simple tips to stay safe and healthy during the monsoon!

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