Mom, You’re Gold! - Shailya Bhandari, Gulab Shrimal, Pallavi Walia Raj, Khushbu Jain

Shailya Bhaandari

An successful entrepreneur with post-graduation in marketing, Shailya Bhandari runs a storytelling and communication skills enterprise by the name of Twist A Tale. Born to a Punjabi father and Sindhi mother and now married to Ravi Bhandari, a Jain Marwari, Shailya’s family is a perfect example of cultural amalgamation. Blessed with two children – Aryansh and Sanaaya – for Shailya and Ravi, the kids are the focal point of their lives. “Before my wedding, Akshaya Tritiya was as auspicious as Dhanteras. I was not a jewellery person and my interest in jewellery was minimal. After marrying into a Jain family, I have understood the real significance of this day. It is said to have established the first Aahar Charya, a methodology to prepare and serve food to the Jain monks,” says Shailya.

When asked about the significance of this festival and her favourite jewellery, Shailya admits, “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond! I love diamonds. However, of late I have fancied polki and have also made some pretty purchases. I would ideally wear jhumkas or chaandbaalis or a statement neckpiece,” she confesses.

Regarding Mother’s Day, Shailya shares, “It’s unfair to dedicate just one day to a Mother. She is the essence of the being of every individual in the world. Sometimes we take mothers for granted, but it’s a good trend by which children make their mothers feel special. Motherhood has taught me to be patient, selfless, and nurturing. It has made me the best version of myself that I could ever be. It has given me a newfound respect for my own mother. For me, Mother’s Day will always be a day I dedicate to my mother, for all the sleepless nights and anxious waking moments I gave her.”

“Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday this year, we are planning a night stay at one of the star hotels in the city, followed by a brunch with a dip in the pool – just how the kids like it. Basically, if the kids are happy, I am happy!” Shailya looked stunning in a Shriya Som signature floral embroidered on a flared peplum jacket paired with cigarette pants. She complemented the outfit with a beautiful choker set from Sukeerthi Jewellery Lounge.  - Clothes: Shriya Som

Gulab Shrimal

Extremely passionate about fashion, Gulab Shrimal owns a boutique store named after her – ‘Gulab’. She’s a family-oriented person and her children are her priority. “Mother’s Day is very special for me. I thank God to have given me the opportunity to experience motherhood. I love being with my daughter Tanvi and son Aditya, who are my best friends. We share everything with each other. The most unforgettable moment of Mother’s Day was when my kids would get up early in the morning before I woke up, and decorated my room with flowers, cards and small gifts. This was the biggest treasure for me. The love and care showered by them will also be unforgettable,” says Gulab. “My family has been involved in social service from the very beginning. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have established two great institutions, which is an inspiration for us to give back to society,” she adds.

For Gulab, Akshaya Tritiya is about good luck, success, and spreading joy. She proclaims her love for antique jewellery, noting “Somebody has truly said, ‘Jewelry and women go hand in hand’ and that is absolutely true! I am a huge fan of antique jewellery, as they are all hand carved, and it amazes me to see the craftsmanship from the earlier age. They are beyond beautiful.” This year, she plans on making two resolutions: for Akshaya Tritiya, to make her soul as pure as gold; and for Mother’s Day, to set a good example for her children. Gulab looked stunning in a green asymmetric gown paired with a traditional kundan set from Sri Jagdamba Pearls Gold Diamond. She also wore a black jumpsuit, a floral jacket, and accessorised the look with Jagdamba's golden set.

Pallavi Walia Raj
A TEDx Speaker, co-founder of OrangeTalks Training & Coaching, a TV host, MC, RJ, and Gladrags Mrs. India, Pallavi Walia Raj is certainly an all-rounder! She is a fun-loving, ambitious yet affectionate, honest, passionate person, who loves her family and close friends more than words can ever express. Her family has helped her stay grounded and focused. “As a family, we love reaching out to people and making a difference. We love celebrating together, and we strive hard to always be better than our former selves. And of course, we love the good life!”

“I come from a multi-cultural family. My father is a Sardar, my mother is a Telugu, I am born and bred in Mumbai, and I’m married to a Malayali. So it’s festival time, all year round! Akshaya Tritiya for me is a festival of the eternal abundance of love, joy, prosperity, hope, and success in every area of life. My family loves celebrating it by praying for a fruitful and purposeful life, offering food to the less privileged and buying gold for ourselves,” says Pallavi.

Speaking about her favourite types of jewellery, she says, “My two favourites are earrings and bangles/bracelets. Different earrings showcase different attributes of my personality. The right pair of earrings complete my look, no matter what the occasion or outfit. And bangles, because the sweet tinkling sound and colours fill me with great joy, and I find it an ornament of immense romance and amorous connotations.”

About Mother’s Day, she offered, “My mother is my motivator and guide. She’s a ‘super mom’ for me and I love her to the moon and back! I have understood the value of my mother only after I became a mother. Every day is Mother’s day because I am who I am because of my mother and I pray that my daughter Giaa-Marie can say that about me someday!”
Pallavi plans on celebrating Akshaya Tritiya with a pooja, buying gold and distributing food and necessities amongst children at an orphanage. “My husband and I are conducting a three-day workshop for parents of teens, and it so happens that Mother’s Day falls on the final day of the parenting workshop. We look forward to celebrating the true spirit of parenthood,” she concludes. Pallavi looked beautiful in a pink gown paired with stunning diamond jewellery from Mana Diamonds.


Khushbu Jain
A foodie at heart, Khushbu Jain is married to Ronak Singhi, a restauranteur. The couple are the proud parents of Yuuvraj and Aaira. “As someone who loves food, I found an inclination towards this business. I have been handling the marketing for all 11 outlets of Jalpaan, one of our restaurant chains, mostly based in South India. My work and my family give me immense joy and happiness, and they are my strength in every endeavour of life. Any day would be classified as Mother’s Day. However, being a special day, where mothers are honoured and celebrated, I thank my mother for being so supportive and being my guide and friend for life. I look up to her and take inspiration from her for my journey as a mother. Mothers are God’s most wonderful creations, and I believe that all mothers should be thanked and celebrated each day for the amazing things they do.One of my fondest memories was when my son made a handmade card and gave it with a smile, wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. That was the most wonderful feeling and the best present I could ever imagine. It was the sweetest thing coming from those tiny hands,” says Khushbu. Being a Jain, this festival holds a lot of significance to her. “In Jainism, the festival marks the first Tirthankara – R Shabhdev Bahgwan’s ending hisone-year fast by consuming sugarcane juice poured into his cupped hands. Therefore, we drink sugarcane juice on this day and many people fast on alternate days for an entire year, and break such a fast on this day by drinking sugarcane juice. This period of fasting for a year is considered to make your soul pure and set it free from sin.”

“Another wonderful thing about this festival is that my daughter was born on this day last year. Therefore, I consider that to be very lucky and fortunate for her. I will buy some gold for my daughter and will do so every year till she grows up,” she says. About her favourite piece of jewellery, Khushbu confesses, “I absolutely adore my rose gold engagement ring with a solitaire on it. It is my favourite – simple, unique, elegant, and chic!” Khushbu looked a total stunner in a black gown paired with a Navrathan choker and an uncut diamond neckpiece, matching earrings, bracelets, and a ring from Aabharnam.