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Chitrangda Singh

Chitrangda Singh made her acting debut in 2005 with Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi for which she won Bollywood Movie Award – Best Female Debut. She has always stayed true to herself, and in a country and industry obsessed with fair skin till not so long ago, she has always been herself and worn her gorgeous skin tone with pride, and set a great example in the media for other women that only all skin shades can and should be celebrated as beautiful. She balances her professional commitments along with her role as a mother by making sure she takes enough time out for herself to recharge. We speak to the stunning Bollywood actress on all things style and what it takes to be a modern Indian woman.


Define your go-to style in one sentence.
My go-to style includes clean silhouettes, minimal style, with a certain feminine feel to the whole look.

What does fashion mean to you? What are some of your favourite styling tips?
To me, everyday clothing has a lot to do with comfort and ease, and being able to be yourself while wearing it, that means putting your own styleat the forefront. I love colour and will experiment with anything that has jewel tones because they complement our brown skin tone well. In terms of aesthetics, I think less is more. While I believe it has always worked for me, I enjoy working with classics that have a more vintage style and cut.

I love wearing co-ords. You can put on heels or sneakers underneath it; and it changes the whole look, be it formal or sporty.

How would you say your style has evolved over time?
When I was younger, I was still figuring out what does and does not work for my body. And, over time, I realised that I am a minimalist dresser, I follow the ‘less is more’ approach even when it comes to makeup. In terms of aesthetics too, I think less is more.

Chitrangda Singh F

How important is fashion to a character in a movie?
Fashion is important for a character as it influences how we look at someone. You can visually imagine the personality of the character by what they are wearing. For me, dressing a particular way helps me understand and get into the skin of the character better.

How do you balance all the roles you play in your life – filmstar, designer, mother etc?
As a working mother, I believe you can be both professionally ambitious and lovingly and deeply committed to your family at the same time. The key to both success and family happiness is finding the right work-life balance. I usually make a schedule, prioritise tasks, take time for myself and my family, be physically active and focus on the present. Simple tricks like these help me manage both expectations of my family and work life.

How do you keep life exciting during dull moments?
There are both good and bad days and one needs to be prepared for the same, because life is not always perfect. As a woman, we need to stop feeling guilty about taking time off. When I have a bad day, I spend some time my son, he makes me happy and I feel blessed. I forget all the stress when he’s around.

Today’s woman has to balance her roles between being traditional and modern. How do you do this?
I think I am traditional yet modern in my own way.I am independent and ambitious, at the same time I am rooted to my culture and traditions. I also like wearing clothing of all kinds, be it a saree or a western garment.I am a modern Indian woman who is not trying to be western all the time and is rather firmly rooted in her culture.


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