Moët Impérial celebrates its 150th anniversary with this limited-edition bottle!

This year, Moët Impérial is celebrating its 150th anniversary and the French Maison has decided to do it with panache and in style! It came out with a limited-edition bottle, which is marked with a redesigned logo and badge of honor – the “I” from “Imperial” – to honor its successful 150 years!

The world-renowned French winemaker – Moët & Chandon has been spreading the magic of champagne for over 250 years. The company launched its iconic Moët Impérial in the year 1869, and the signature brut champagne was launched a century later. Over time, the Moët Impérial came to be recognised as a global icon. The brut champagne was enjoyed at the world’s biggest and most fancy events. It was even raised onto the podiums of the sporting world. It added a touch of prestige to the global stage to celebrate victories with a spray.
This special Moët Impérial is made from more than 100 different types of wines!   - Courtesy: