Miu Miu

Started as a diffusion line for Prada, Miu Miu is headed by Miuccia Prada, the creative director of Prada, and is said to be the most ‘unrestrained portrayal of Miuccia Prada’s creativity.’ The brand is meant to convey the essence of an emancipated and conscious woman as it celebrates contemporary femininity.

Miu Miu was established back in 1993, with Miuccia’s family nickname inspiring the name of the present fashion powerhouse. Come 2012, Miu Miu launched a series named Women’s Tales. This campaign featured a series of short films that were made in collaboration with high-profile female directors, featuring short, silent films which showed off Miu Miu’s clothing. The brand is known as the more experimental one when compared to sister brand, Prada, bringing more colour into their masterpieces. Miu Miu proved to be one of the most coveted labels when their anti-conformist and almost rebellious style became a hit amongst women who had had enough of all the suits and dull colours that were trending at the time. It was a game changer and a voice for women who wanted more excitement in their closet. Their playful designs contrasted the minimalistic look that Prada was famous for. Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, Madonna, Hailee Steinfeld, and other big names have been seen donning Miu Miu pieces. Lolita dresses, nude loungewear, and fun animal prints were just a few trends that Miu Miu took on and made their own. Their blend of retro with modern trends has also made waves in the fashion industry, an example being their wildly popular Culte Sunglasses.

Miu Miu also ventured into the world of fragrance and their perfume collection is playful and pretty, just like the brand’s clothing designs. Characterised by its sensual and provocative style, Miu Miu has successfully been able to evolve itself into a leading brand today.    - Rubaina