Mir the Label - Mir Raoofuddin Ali Khan

Owner and part designer of Mir the Label, Mir Raoofuddin Ali Khan is a businessman with a passion for design. Hailing from the family of the first Nizam of Hyderabad, Asaf Jah the first, Raoofuddin saw a business opportunity in personalising inherited heirlooms. This led to the conception of Mir the Label, a luxury brand specialising in custom-made ethnic and formal accessories for men and women. The Mirs were known for their luxurious lifestyles and classy wardrobes. The title, which means Prince and/or General, was given to Mir Raoofuddin’s great-grandfather as well, and it embodies the charm of the yesteryears that he wishes to bring back with his brand.

Mir the Label’s endless array of buttons, cufflinks, lapel pins, and brooches for Sherwanis, kurtas, bandhgalas, Jodhpuri suits, jackets, blazers, formal suits, and vests, as well as some of their specially selected jewellery items, will leave you stunned. Although their main forte is customisation – done with the help of the client’s ideas, history, and style – the ultimate idea behind the brand is to bring the old-world charm of ethnic, personalised accessories back for men. All pieces are uniquely crafted; right from the metal and the colour to the plating. When asked about the inspiration behind each piece, Mir explained, “Our assemblage is inspired by the wearer. Our collections include the Nizam Series, the Champ Series, Bespoke Series, Heirloom series, and Gem Series; each different from another, suiting different lifestyles. If your style is classic, then I’d recommend the Nizam Series which features royal and vintage designs. If you are a sports lover, the Champ series is your pick. Our inspiration is our clients.”

Each piece is designed and created by hand, as Mir believes in the age-old art of craftsmanship. Some of their other creative concepts include Bespoke Series – where they design names in calligraphy style, modify the language as per the client’s requirement, and engrave it on the accessory. There is also the Gem Series that will have gemstones carved with names or logos. Mir has already designed family crests, couple names, business logos, and family names, among others.