Mint Nimbu Paani

Are you craving for a tasty, refreshing drink this summer? Then Mint Nimbu Paani (classic lemonade) is a perfect drink to satisfy your craving this season.

Ginger Juice
Lemons (lemon juice)
Ice cubes
Rock salt
Black pepper
Mint leaves
Soaked chia seeds
2 glasses
1 tbsp
1 ½
as per taste
as required
¼ tsp
¼ tsp
2-3 sprigs
per taste
2 Tbsp

1.    In a blender, take 2 glasses of water, to this add: ginger juice, lemon juice, jaggery, rock salt, black pepper, a few mint leaves and some salt. Now blend all the ingredients to together.
2.    To this juice, add 2 tbsp of soaked chia seeds. And blend it again. Makesure the mint leaves are blend well.
3.    Pour it into glasses and add some ice cubes.

- Recipe from the Shilpa Shetty Chanel youtube
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