A MINIMAL TURN (Jaideep and Latha Reddy’s house)

Traditional and contemporary, formal and informal, colourful and minimal, cosy and elegant, dressed up and dressed down –Jaideep and Latha Reddy’s house is all about juxtaposition. Situated in Jubilee Hills, the stylish space blends organic modernism with clean and classic details. You & I takes the grand tour of the Reddy abodebSunshine and space first lured the Reddy family to this Jubilee Hills home. Jaideep Reddy with wife Latha, son Ridhiman and daughter-in-law Sameksha love this suburb’s natural charms: The enclave boasts state-of-the-art facilities and lush green surroundings To add life to the intimate yet airy four-floor residence without competing with the views from the oversize picture windows. With a serene blend of ethereal whites, soothing browns and a few sunset hues thrown in for good measure, it’s no surprise, that the house is a reflection of its setting. “Everything we hand-picked needed to capture the serenity of the outdoors,” says Latha.


Entering the house, the front doors open to reveal an airy lobby replete with old-world touches. To the fresh canvas, the family has added simple but polished furnishings in an array of pale hues. In the lobby area, the Reddys have opted for pared-down furniture that keeps the space clutter-free. The sofa and handsome floral armchairs provide ample seating in front of the TV. Next is the dining and the kitchen area, which are enlivened by a Zen-like landscaping element that brings a relaxed aura into the space. The clean and crisp kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. While the cabinetry matches the sitting room perfectly, the kitchen island – which appears to be carved from the counter – creates a minimalist aesthetic, too.


The dining table sits so perfectly in the dining hall, and is exactly the signature piece the family was looking for. The upholstered chairs around it have been collected from various places and are custom-made. But the underlying DNA of the Reddy’s house are the French windows that provide natural light throughout the house. Many elements–including an eye-catching painting and a glorious chandelier above the dining table – give the interior all the detail it needs. The rooms are paired with Italian marble, linen textiles, wooden tables and brass accents in the tiny, but perfectly formed dining area, These touches keep the palette warm and inviting, much like the rest of the house.


Throughout the four-storey home, the Reddys combined classic and vintage pieces while emphasising the property’s simple and modern space to avoid clutter. “I believe there’s a unifying thread, whether a house is traditional, contemporary, or modern,” Latha states. And the family had very definite opinions. For starters, they were not keen on colours. Contemporary colours like white, ivory, grey and brown were basically it. When it comes to colours, the Reddys are drawn to the unique use of pale colours, “it created a space that is peaceful and elegant,” she adds. Floors are predominantly Italian marble and granite, sometimes topped by neutral rugs.

The-brown-color-chairs-warms-the-walls- the-dining-room

A grand stairway rising to the floors above opens onto the house’s most impressive space: four more bedrooms, an entertainment area, and an open sit-out offering expansive views of the city. Latha says the view is the most luxurious aspect of living here. “In most of the places, you feel constrained and closed in,” she explains. In the bedrooms, the space is well-balanced by the comfortable bed with table lamps on one side, an armchair in one corner and paintings on the wall. A tour of the other floors reveals mainly guest rooms and a sitting area. Latha says, “We wanted a house that felt youthful, was equally cosy and had a lot of open community spaces. And we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

The-bedroom- pista-green-upholstered-headboard



Surrounded by personal treasures, comfortable pieces and the feel of the vintage home, the Reddys are quite happy with their cocoon. “I love this space. And I think we accomplished what we wanted from the decor,” Latha concludes.     – Anisha