Michelle Obama On The Cover of ‘InStyle’

In her InStyle interview, Michelle Obama spoke about the influence of women globally, telling the magazine, "Girls are going to move our country and our world to a place where there's more peace, more prosperity, more possibility, because women raise the next generations again and again and again."

Taling about importance of social media, she said, "We can fool ourselves into thinking that everybody is still watching the evening news, but I live with Generation Z, and I know that their habits, the way they take in information in, is so different. And they’ve changed .... We’ve got to meet our constituents where they are, and they’re on Snapchat."

Being in the lime light though she has a lot of fashion critics FLOTUS turns a blind eye to them. "I tend not to worry about the trends, because what works for an 18-year-old selfie queen may not for a 52-year-old First Lady who is a mom of teenagers she is trying to be a good role model for," she tells InStyle.

And what about her personal style? “Very casual. No makeup, a T-shirt, and a pair of ripped jean shorts or workout pants because I’m always on the verge of going to or coming from [working out]," she says. "I love color and pieces that make me feel good, but it’s much more informal."

-Devashree Goenka