Metaxas & Sins’ Phonographic Perambulator Turntable

Many companies have been churning out high-end audio equipment in the recent past. But Metaxas & Sins makes sure to deliver not just good quality audio, but also sleek and stylish looks that will have heads turning. The geniuses at Metaxas & Sins have a keen eye for artistry in aesthetics, which is always incorporated with their jaw-dropping, crisp and clear audio quality. Featuring a bold design, the Phonographic Perambulator is a turntable that looks futuristic and extremely attractive. Named GQT R2R Tape Recorder, it boasts a reel to reel player and a recorder, both adorned in a tasteful aluminum and red colour scheme. The GQT in the name stands for Georges Quellet Tribute and the entire player works mechanically, almost. Transistors and other vintage parts are also part of the model, and all of its special features enable the GQT R2R to play 468 or 911 0.25-inch tapes.The turntable also comes in aluminum and titanium variations, along with a crimson platter. The belt-drive system has been produced by the Swiss company Maxon Motor. The devices, although sure to burn a hole in your pocket, are available online.