Metallica Announces First Album In 8 Years

Metallica have just announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’, on Nov. 18.  

The band debuted the album in a Facebook Live broadcast from their studio in San Francisco.
The tracks are:

Disc One:

  • Hardwired
  • Atlas, Rise!
  • Now That We’re Dead
  • Moth Into Flame
  • Am I Savage?
  • Halo On Fire

Disc Two:

  • Confusion
  • Dream No More
  • ManUNkind
  • Here Comes Revenge
  • Murder One
  • Spit Out The Bone

Disc Three: (Deluxe Edition Only)

  • Lords Of Summer
  • Riff Charge (Riff Origins)
  • N.W.O.B.H.M. A.T.M. (Riff Origins)
  • Tin Shot (Riff Origins)
  • Plow (Riff Origins)
  • Sawblade (Riff Origins)
  • RIP (Riff Origins)
  • Lima (Riff Origins)
  • 91 (Riff Origins)
  • MTO (Riff Origins)
  • RL72 (Riff Origins)
  • Frankenstein (Riff Origins)
  • CHI (Riff Origins)
  • X Dust (Riff Origins)

-Devashree Goenka