Men In Miniskirts Campaign For Women's Rights In Turkey

It's not unusual for men to join the fight for women's rights but when they don miniskirts to do it, it takes the internet by storm.  To show support to the victim of recent events that involved a 20-year-old student, Ozgecan Aslan, Turkish men have taken to the streets of Istanbul and neighboring Azerbaijan while wearing miniskirts to take a stand and combat violence against women.

A group of men in Azerbaijan are believed to have started the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy, which translates to “wear a miniskirt for Ozgecan.” A Facebook page supporting the campaign explains: "If a miniskirt is responsible for everything, if [wearing] a miniskirt means immorality and unchastity, if a woman who wears a miniskirt is sending an invitation about what will happen to her, then we are also sending an invitation!"
Emma Watson, who was named a goodwill ambassador by the United Nations organization UN Women, took to Twitter to show her support and shared the link of a report over the skirt-wearing men’s protest, writing  “Go Turkish men!” with the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy.

..... Devashree Goenka