A Memorable Trip To Turkey - Kubra Altinors

Kubra Altinors is the wife of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Hyderabad, Dr Adnan Altay Altinors. Kubra has been living in Hyderabad for almost three years, and she fell in love with this amazing city. Travelling is the one thing that gives immense joy to Kubra. She believes that the best way to ensure good mental and physical health during these difficult times is travelling. Post the lockdown; she decided it was time for her to take a break and visit Turkey. This trip was a perfect opportunity for Kubra to unwind and recharge.

Turkey acts as a barrier between the two continents with a unique geographic location between Asia and Europe. With a land area greater than any of the European states, it is big in population and territory among the region’s larger countries.

After reaching Turkey, Kubra Altinors decided to visit a famous scenic seaside town, Ayvalik. This place is located on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. Ayvalik is known for an endless forest created by olive trees. In this town, the culture is a combination of Greek and Cretan. Kubra says she thoroughly enjoyed admiring the beauty of historic stone houses, narrow cobblestone streets, fishermen’s boats and gorgeous sandy beaches. She says that the town is surrounded by an archipelago of islands that truly showcase the Aegean flair. At this seaside town, Kubra explored the rich history and the local cuisine. This place is home to the country’s best fruitiest and delicious version of olive oil. It is surrounded by the oldest olive groves in the country. Ayvalik not only stands out for its natural beauty but also for its unique food culture. Kubra tried the typical Ayvalik dishes, which are made from olive oil. For people who love seafood, she suggests trying out fish. Not just seafood, but even the vegetables and herbs grown here are fresh and delicious. During her month-long trip, Kubra paid a visit to the Cunda island, one of the largest in the Ayvalik islands. She also went to the Şeytan Sofrası, which is a tourist spot offering unique sunset views. This hilltop, also known as the Devil’s feast, is located eight kilometres south of Ayvalik.

Next in Kubra’s itinerary was another small town named Göcek, which is located at the northern boundary of the Mediterranean, consisting of large caves and islands. Göcek is known as the natural marine. As the summers here are long, this town serves as a popular meeting place for sea enthusiasts and yachtmen throughout the year. She says that this is one of her favourite places to see as it offers some breathtaking views, the beaches have crystal clear waters and plenty of pine forests. She feels that Göcek is a classy destination with great facilities.

The third and the final stop on her itinerary was a charming coastal town, Marmaris. This port city is located in the Muğla province, which is to the southwest of Turkey. This town was fortified in 3000 BC. With wonderful beaches, outstanding landscape of hills covered in pine, a long coastline, ancient cities and of course extravagant nightlife, Kubra says this is a must among places to see.  What is so unique about this pretty town is that it has 300 days of sunshine during the year and around 4,00,000 people visit during summers. This place is also known for scrumptious honey, which comes from the beehives in the pine trees. During her trip to turkey, Kubra admired the scenic beauty of the place by taking boat rides. She also swam in the crystal clear waters and saw small coves surrounded by pine trees.

Kubra thoroughly enjoyed her time in Turkey. If someone’s in for a long trip and open to exploring new places, she would highly recommend this place.        - as told to Akhila