Mellow in Mauritius

New Delhi-based socialites and designers Bharat and Reshma Grover love to travel. Their work has taken them to some amazing places, but they took work out of the equation on this particular trip. Check out Reshma’s account of their much-needed, relaxing vacation to Mauritius.

After a hard day of work and fulfilling social obligations, we hardly get any time to spend with family or with each other. We find travelling to be the best way to pursue our passion for exploring the world while spending quality time with family.

We choose our destinations based on the type of holiday we want – a family jaunt, a peaceful vacation or a romantic getaway. Our most recent trip was intended to add a touch of romance and peace to our lives. Mauritius seemed the obvious option considering we didn’t want to spend too much time travelling. We only had five days to spare.

And so, Bharat and I were off to the lovely island nation. Our busy work schedules leave us hardly any time to nurture our relationship, so we thoroughly enjoy taking time off to spend with each other, especially when we get to travel together.

A peaceful paradise, Mauritius gave us a serene break from our busy lives. We spent most of our time on the breathtaking beaches, on a resort surrounded by a tranquil environment that had us feeling right at home right away. We also got our share of adventure sports like snorkelling, parasailing, and sea-walking. Though we had done some of these activities in Goa and the Maldives, those experiences didn’t match the fun we had in Mauritius; the underwater sea-walk was truly an unforgettable experience.

The resort we stayed at, the Le Touessrok, had a lovely private beach from where we took boats out to sea. It was one of the most exquisite places to which we have been, the private beach only adding to its beauty. The resort had five restaurants that served some of the most scrumptious seafood I’ve ever had. It tasted so different from and more delicious than spicy Indian varieties. Like the culture of Mauritius, the cuisine is a perfect blend of Chinese, Indian, Creole and European influences.

This trip provided some extraordinary moments, especially during the sea-walk. We had to wear glass masks that helped us breathe underwater. Although we were a little scared at first, the instructors taught us signs to ensure complete safety and comfort. It was fascinating to watch life underwater – the creatures in their natural habitat, and to be able to touch them. Every step took us to a new world; it was astounding to witness the peace and harmony of it all.

We strongly recommend Mauritius if you have the chance. The place will introduce you to the most pleasurable way of living – so mellow yet so full of life. This trip is ideal for couples who want a peaceful place to soak in the beauty of nature. Mauritius is not the place for partying or clubbing, and if it was, we were happy not to discover it. The remarkable serenity was worth skipping a party.

Since our trip was a short one, we look forward to going back there someday. We didn’t manage to do much shopping or get a feel for the markets around the resort. They sold some interesting shell jewellery, so we would love to go back to have a look at the fashion and find inspiration for one of our collections. Perhaps the next time we go, we’ll take our kids along and make it a family vacation.
We will never forget our stay in Mauritius, so close to nature and its wonders. The romance of the place is evident everywhere you go. Don’t miss out on the spas while you’re there – they have some great treatments. We’re surely going to miss Mauritius now that we’re back In India.     
                            – as told to Saloni