Meghan to follow more royal rules than the princesses

Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, ever since she became part of the royal family has to follow new rules. 

Some rules are what to wear, what they can post online and even what they eat. Here are five royal rules that Meghan has to follow that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenia can skip. 


Everybody knows the fact that the Queen only wears one shade of nail polish: Essie Ballet Slippers. Now Meghan is also wearing only shades of pale pink and nude colours. Whereas, Beatrice and Eugenie can choose their nail colours, including dark, vampy shades.


Princess Eugenie has a verified Instagram account, where she posts some throwback pictures. Whereas, Meghan Markle had to delete her official social media accounts including her Instagram and lifestyle blog (The Tig), when she got engaged to Prince Harry. 


The royal style of Meghan Markle is impeccable and extremely conservative. While attending the royal events, Meghan wears knee length dresses. Whereas, Eugenie has been spotted wearing dresses with the hems above the knee.


Meghan made a lot of sacrifices; one of them was giving up her career as an actress and her lifestyle blog. The royal family isn’t against the idea of acting or blogging, but the royal duties are a full time job. Even though, Eugenie and Beatrice are officially princesses, the sisters aren’t obligated to make royal appearances and therefore, have full time jobs. Eugenie is an associate director for the Hauser & Wirth art gallery in London. 


The decision to take the relationship to the next level was not in Harry and Meghan’s hands, they were required to take an official permission from Queen Elizabeth. The rule is only applicable to the first six in the line for the throne. 

But when Eugenie decided to get engaged to her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, she   is not required to take the Queen’s permission       \

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Mantika kaur kandhari, -Kensington Palace Instagram