Meenakkshi Nahata

Going Beyond Coaching - Meenakkshi Nahata

If the responsibilities of a professional life coach seem broad to you, it’s because they are. The coaching field is a relatively new one, and in the absence of standard regulations, life coaches are free to focus on helping people in any number of ways. For Meenakkshi Nahata, a certified Life Coach and Image Consultant, working with people through everyday anxieties, relationships, and professional hurdles was rewarding and motivating. There are plenty of healthy people who don’t feel therapy can help them, but Meenakkshi teaches them to step back from their everyday life and reflect and re-align. Life coaching may not have a formal guidebook, but there are plenty of classes that can help you improve your skills and help understand the best way of helping others. Classes aren’t enough though, speaking to successful life coaches like Meenakkshi gives us an invaluable look at real experiences, Read ahead to know about our learnings...

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You & I - 15 December 2021 - Christmas Special - Bhargavi Kunam and Parinika Reddy

Celebrating the festive wave this week, on the cover we have fashion designer Bhargavi Kunam and jewellery designer Parinika Reddy in their ethnic splendours. The duo made a name for themselves in the competitive world of design. In the Cover Story the prolific fashion and jewellery designers talk to us about their label, collection, and their relationship with their work.
Christmas is almost here, and the festive feeling is in the air! It’s a time for joy and happiness, and for many, it’s about reliving the good memories of their childhoods, even as adults. For kids, it’s about innocence, excitement and presents, but it’s also important to remember the true spirit of Christmas – peace, friendship and helping those who aren’t as fortunate as we may be. To help get into the festive spirit during the pandemic, seven families from the city reveal what they have planned for Christmas this year and the celebrations that make it so special in the Feature Story.

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