Medovik – Russia

The five-layer honey cake, or as it is more popularly known, medovik, is extremely popular in Russia. The cake is constructed out of flat biscuits between many layers of creamy and delicious honey caramel in between. The story goes that this cake was created by a young chef in the 18th century who was smitten by Empress Elizabeth. He came up with the recipe in an attempt to impress her. However, another story claims that the very first medovik was invented in the 19th century instead, by an unknown chef in the court of Tsar Alexander I. The cake truly gained popularity with housewives during the Soviet era, as the basic ingredients were available even during product shortages. They recreated the traditional sweet with many variations, and modern versions of the cake may include condensed milk or even cream cheese. The only hitch is that the process of making this delicacy is somewhat tedious, but it’s worth every minute! Medovik is best enjoyed with coffee or tea to cut through the sweetness of the honey and caramel.