Massage Therapy: A Stress Reliever

Had a stressful day with a load of deadlines? Expecting tomorrow to be a mirror-image of today? Maybe it’s time to indulge in the stress relief known as Massage Therapy!

There’s no doubt that today’s fast paced lifestyle takes its toll on the body and can really pile on the stress as well. A sure-shot stress buster is to indulge in a therapeutic massage that not only relaxes the body but also rejuvenates the mind.

A massage boosts the body’s ability to heal, while also relieving tension and strain, and fostering a feeling of well-being. Originating from the Greek word ‘masso’, meaning to touch or to handle, massage therapy combines science and art to provide a relaxing experience with the strokes of hand. While generating a relaxed stated of mental alertness, it also enhances the capacity for calm thinking and reduces anxiety.

It’s no surprise that a continuous flow of tension can lead to serious health trouble. Massage therapy uses scientific and artistic movements to reduce tension and promote more restful sleep.
The techniques of massage vary, as does the type and amount of pressure applied in the process, depending on the style of massage and the desired result. So ensure that the massage treatment chosen is suitable to your requirements before starting the procedure.

To make the flow of movement easier, various oils are used to work on the tense muscles. Throughout history, the use of oils has been an integral part of massage therapy. Various oils with nourishing and purifying ingredients are widely used today. Most popular among these is aromatherapy, which makes ample use of essential oils from plants. These oils enhance the massage treatment. Known to possess medicinal properties, these oils are also capable of adjusting the person’s mood and slowly relaxing the mind by working on the body’s acute sense of smell! High in vitamin E content, wheat germ oil is another popular choice, since it helps smoothen the skin.


Some popular massage techniques used in conjunction with aromatherapy are the Swedish style and Reflexology. Reflexology focuses on certain points of the feet and other parts of the body, which directly affect the internal organs. Swedish massage uses techniques specifically designed to relax the muscles, increasing the oxygen flow in the blood and releasing toxins.

Originating over 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine from India. Focusing on mind, body and the spirit, Ayurvedic massages address all the requirements individually and in unison. The process involves traditional massage strokes, such as kneading and squeezing, while eliminating the toxins from the body through the process of purification, thus rejuvenating the whole being. In addition, the Ayurvedic oils used are rich in medicinal properties, and render a healing touch while stimulating internal functions. Since various Ayurvedic oils have different effects, it is very important to understand the various elements and choose one that suits you best.

A pleasant environment is an absolute must during massage therapy. A comfortable massage table, soothing music and a few candles helps spruce up the mood and gets half the job done!
The benefits of getting a regular massage are plenty, as long as you pick one that really suits your requirements. Massage reduces pain and stress while relaxing the muscles and adding a healthy glow to the skin. Also known to strengthen the immune system, a periodic massage calms the mind and is a great way to improve energy levels!

So indulge yourself and take some time to detoxify and cleanse your body of all the stress and strain. Get a massage… you’ll thank us for it later!