Marvellous Makeup Trends of 2021!

The pandemichas changed the world completely and among the fields that were affected is the fashion and makeup industry. Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Week looked a little different this year, but brands got creative, from staging of their shows to the makeup of the models. We’re used to seeing models strutting down the runway, but this year it expanded to include digital shows, runways without human models, and brands releasing images without a runway at all. Even then we were lucky tosee some truly stellar makeup looks

After what feels like an eternity of quarantine skincare and minimal makeup for zoom meetings, this summer promises a much-needed return to bold, fun makeup.Experts Millie Morales, L’Oreal Paris and Garnier Beauty consultant and Steve Kassajikian,

Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist have shared their predictions for the summer’s top trends. Let’s take a look.

FoolProof Fresh Skin

The famous no-makeup look does not seem to let go of its place; if anything it’s getting an update. Minimal makeup that highlights the beauty of natural makeup rules the fashion world this year too and many makeup artists and celebrities are following the trend.“It’s all about lightweight base makeup and next to nothing skin, which is always great for warm weather and mask-wearing”, says Sir John.

Smoldering Eyeliner

Eyeliners look classy even if there’s no makeup. It is one makeup product that no woman can go wrong with.With all of the masks we are wearing currently, smoldering eye looks will reign supreme among the 2021 makeup trend set.

“A classic, wet-lined liner look can really make us feel put-together,” explains Jillian Dempsey. They’re clean and come in all colours.

Coloured Mascara

Coloured Mascara can look a bit weird but not if you are choosing the right colours to wear. The sky's the limit where formula and colour are concerned, and if this is your first time trying something like this, try brown so as to not go wrong with it. Following the layering technique that will give a slightly more subdued take on the trend can help.

Cobalt Blue and deep sea-green options from L’Oreal are great.

Sky-High Lashes

Undoubtedly, 2021 will be the year for everything, eyes and lashes, they’re no longer lifted.

High lashes is an upcoming trend and definitely splurge-worthy.This is a simple and easy way to make a statement with minimum effort. Worth a try!

Resurgence of early 2000s

Ever thought the flowery makeup of the 2000s would come back and in so much style? Well, it has. 2021 sees the resurgence of the 2000s with full feathery brows and soft, chocolate brown lips. But, with a lighter and minimal tinge of colour. Try filling in your brows with light, upward strokes using a thin brow pencil, which ensures a more realistic finish that mimics your natural brow. You can then create a chocolatey brown lip by outlining your pout with a flesh-tone lip liner, filling it all in with a moisturising lipstick and pressing your lips together to blur out the lip line.

Propa Beauty’s collection of lipstick contains a wide variety of neutral brown hues that cater to all skin tones.

Technicolor Lids

Bright and bold eyelids are definitely back in the picture yet again!Of all the reigning and burgeoning makeup trends on the rise for 2021, bright eyelids have not vanished from the scene.

Creativity and playfulness with the eyes is always fun and this is one experiment we are sure not to go wrong with. Use all the colours of the rainbow to create something unique and bold. To recreate the runway look at home, try painting colour-block shapes on the eyes or if you want something a tad more subtle you can go in for a coloured liner instead. The key to this is being as expressive as you can be!

Bold Blush

Want to look fresher and livelier? Try this makeup trend. Blend a light pink blush on your cheeks, temples and underneath your brow bones to give yourself a pretty all over flush.

Don’t miss out on these gorgeous makeup trends that will make you steal all the limelight!