Married life is great: Kit Harington

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington feels being married to actress Rose Leslie is "great".

Asked if marriage has changed his life, Harington told Empire magazine, "Not, really. I love stability. You know, I knew I wanted to do this - we knew we wanted to do this. We had a great day.
"And you can suddenly get on with so much more in life now. You know, that's done. That's my wife. I'm her husband. That box is a ticket, right? Let's get on as a partnership and make a life together. It's great."

The 32-year-old star said the fact both he and Rose are actors can be hard on their relationship because they have to spend so much time apart -but it can also be beneficial because they understand their work commitments, reports

He said, "It does, and it doesn't (help marrying another actor). I won't say too much about us because I always feel I'm interviewing as me and I can't speak for her.

"But it does, and it doesn't. You're away from each other a lot because you are both in the business. But you understand why you are away a lot because you are both in the business."

The Pompeii actor also said he looks towards his wife for career advice. Asked if Leslie ever reads scripts he has been offered, he said, "Ha! Yeah. 'Don't do that. No, you shouldn't do that'."