Marinated chicken shashlik sizzler

Ingredients                                       Qty

chicken breast (boneless)        150 gm
tri-coloured bell peppers           50 gm
onions                                  `    50 gm
salt                                            to taste
black peppercorn (crushed)      5 gm
garlic                                         5 gm
olive oil                                     10 ml
Worcester sauce                       5 ml
barbeque sauce                        30 ml
thyme                                        2 gm
French fries                               60 gm
oil (for frying)                             50 ml
mustard paste                           3 gm
skewers (4-inch size)                 4 pcs


1.   Dice the chicken breast, tri-coloured bell peppers and onion pieces into 1-cm chunks. Marinate with Worcester sauce, mustard paste, salt, garlic, black pepper, olive oil and thyme.

2.   Stack and thread them in wooden shashlik skewers carefully and evenly. Rest the skewers in a refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

3.   Deep-fry the French fries on medium flame at about 185°C. Meanwhile, place the skewers on a flat griddle and cook them evenly, occasionally turning them to ensure the meat protein is coagulated.  When about to remove, give a thin glaze/brush of BBQ sauce.

4.   Arrange the chicken skewers, BBQ dip and fries on a plate. Serve hot.