Maria Black’s New Collections - Stellar & Voyage

Following the success of the Helix two tone plating collection, Maria Black introduces Stellar with a new precious metal mix inspired by poetic tattoos and created with respect to the signature fascination of the designers’ eternal circle. The signature of the collection is the two tone combination of black rhodium with the luxury of gold in a dramatic synergy adding to the growing trend of mixing metals. Designing Stellar, goldsmith Maria Black was stirred by the world of tattoos: “There is something poetic about tattoos imitating jewellery and vice versa. At the end of the day it is all body adornment, and we use it to show a glimpse of who we are beneath the surface”. One tattoo artist in particular sparked the Stellar vision - the work of LA based Dr Woo. His drawings are very delicate and dreamlike yet the associations are plenty, but just hinted. The focal category within Stellar is eye-catching earpieces. According to Maria Black principles everything is designed to work together. Matching pairs are not encouraged but singular odd pairings are.

The-Voyage Collection-offers


The Voyage Collection offers multi-toned metals, a variety of precious stones, unexpected illusions and earpieces only. The collection denotes the designer’s journey from past work to a present culmination of her passions, experiences and inventions - introducing The Voyage Collection as a brainchild of excellence. Creating the collection, Goldsmith Maria Black was motivated by a very contemporary phenomenon as the Voyage pieces are inspired by the dynamics and individuals akin to an imaginative girl squad: “I am always inspired and puzzled about the dynamics of a group of girlfriends. Their individual style and the diversity of personalities that somehow work because of the differences...  Each design is for a different girl; the quirk in the design reflecting the odd personality twists we notice over time from our friends. Using geometric shapes, unpredictable pops of stones and colours to add to the dynamic of opposites.” The multiple colours define a vast number of combinations.  All earpieces are sold separately to encourage individual creative freedom, and require none or only one piercing to create clever illusions of multiple piercings.