Mandana Karimi - Always the Director’s Actor!

Best known for her flicks like Main Aur Charles and Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, B-Town girl Mandana Karimi believes that fame has changed her a lot as a person. She now feels more responsible about expressing her opinions on different matters. Open to be part of web series in the future, the actress spills the beans on her experiences so far and her future plans.

What does glamour mean to you?
For me, glamour stands for being fascinating, magical, and charming in your own way. And I think a glamorous person leaves that spark and magic wherever she or he goes.

What’s your idea of a luxurious holiday?
It would be the Maldives. It’s a beautiful place and I love beach destinations.

How do you feel you have grown as an actress since you started?
I can surely say that I have a really long way to go in terms of acting. But because I got back to work after almost a year and a half, it feels great to be back. Moreover, I am really looking forward to my audience and fans seeing my new movie that we recently finished shooting.

You have been doing quite a few hot photo shoots lately. Do you enjoy modelling more than acting on screen?
Well, I was a model before I became an actress, so my first preference is modelling. I enjoy shooting and doing
photo shoots, but I like both equally now. It’s great to have a balance between the two. I don’t think I can choose which one
I like more because they are completely different.

Has fame affected you as a person?
Yes, of course. Ever since I have become known in the public, people share their opinions on me in all matters. I think about it twice and I feel more responsible. I feel the pressure and think that it’s my duty to help people try to make a difference in their lives. So I would say that fame has changed me a lot.

Photographed by: Trisha Sarang; Styled by: Sumeet Gade; Makeup: Saba Khan from MuD India

What’s your take on gender equality as we see it today?
As opposed to earlier, now it doesn’t mean that women and men must become the same. I mean we are not same: we look different, we’re physically different. But our rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in any business or anything must not depend on whether we are born male or female.

Why would being a woman prevent us from getting equal pay for a job that we are also putting in the same hours for, and putting in the same hardwork? So I feel it’s really important to talk about it, and it’s great that the Internet and social media have been helping us. An increasing number of people are talking about it and addressing this problem.

How difficult is it to survive in this industry without a godfather?
Well, nothing in life comes easy, and it’s always nicer to have someone who is from the industry who can help you, and take care of you. It just makes life easier. But then again, I am the kind of person who has always worked really hard and I have always achieved what I wanted. While there have been times when I wished that I had a godfather, my hard work has always paid off.

Any plans of coming up with a short film or web series?
I was supposed to shoot for a web series before I got injured. But hopefully I’m going to sign something soon. So yes, web series are great and they’re kind of a new thing in India.

Are you a ‘director’s actor’ or a spontaneous performer who improvises in front of the camera?
I’m definitely a ‘director’s actor’ because I don’t have so much experience. My last film was Xuanzang and I have been really lucky to work with such an amazing director and such an amazing cast. They all had a lot of experience. I would love my director to tell me what to do so that I can gauge the character.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love sleeping, so I try to catch up on my sleep. I also love playing football and I try to catch upon books, too.


What’s your go-to outfit?

Favourite shopping destination?
Definitely Japan.

Name five things you won’t leave home without.
My Evian water spray, lip balm, sunglasses, charger, and sunscreen.

What is your favourite lip colour?
Pink                                           --- as told to Jaideep Pandey (connect with Jaideep on Twitter: @PandeyJaideep)